10 Cutest Cosplay

Seeing cosplay girl is a good way to relaxation. Especially, if they are cute. I don’t know is that work for you, but for me is really works. Hehehe :-3

We start from this girl.

Rinoa from Final Fantasy VII

Soifon from Bleach.

Nice Pose >,<

Ouch, Don't look at me like That. I can't resist ur smile :-3

Tifa Lockheart, such cute smile.
Who is that lovely girl? Yuna from Final Fantasy X. kawai desu ka?  

Tifa Lockheart, Nice angle was captured

I forgot what cosplay she do, but i would never forget that she is cute ^^

Look at her face, calm and nice is it? this is Cosplay from Ragnarok. a Priest job i guessed.
Would you heal me :-P
Princess Zelda, you are so cute. Let me bring your burden