Ferdinando Carulli Partitur

Ferdinando Maria Meinrado Francesco Pascale Rosario Carulli born in Naples, 9 Februari 1770. He was an Italian composer for classical guitar. He make a composition for student guitarist a Methode complete pour la Guitarre op.27  and it used until today.

Carulli wrote more than four hundred works for guitar and most of them used to study guitar, for example Allegretto in E, Larghetto in E Minor, Rondo in D, Andante in D, Poco Allegretto in A, Waltz in A, Andantino in D dan Sonata in D Op 21 No 1,2 dan 3 & Sonata Op .

Carulli helps Antonio de Torress to remodel the guitar and made it has a bigger size and better sounds. He also began to experiment with construction toward the end of his life and, in collaboration with the Parisian luthier Rene Lacote, developed a 10-string instrument, the Decacorde. Carulli died in Paris on February 17, 1841, aged 71.

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24 Preludes - F. Carulli

Six Preludes - F. Carulli

Sonata Op 21 No. 1 - F. Carulli

Sonata Op 21 No. 2 - F. Carulli

Theme with Variations - F. Carulli

Menuet Op 70 - F. Carulli