Matteo Carcassi

Matteo Carcassi, born in 1792, was a famous Italian guitarist and composer. When he was a child, he began studied piano and the started to learn guitar. He was a virtuoso concert guitarist.
He gained immediate success in Germany. In 1815, he was earning his leaving as a teacher of both piano and guitar in Paris.
He met his friend Antoine Meissonnier on a concert tour in Germany in 1819. he was the one who published many of Carcassi's work in his Paris publishing house. In 1823, his concerts in London gained a successful perform. For several years, he made concert trips from Paris to the most important cultural towns of Europe, including London. Carcassi wrote a method for guitar (op.59) and his famous work collected in 25 Etudes op.60. He managed to blend technical skills and romantic music.
Carcassi died in 1853 in Paris.

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Six Caprichos for Guitar Op. 26

25 Studies for guitar Op. 60. 1 - 12 (Grade 4)