Kelly Broke, the gorgeous beauty of england

Born Kelly Parsons on November 23, 1979, in Kent, Rochester, England, Kelly Brook is the daughter of Sandra, a cook, and Ken, a scaffolder. It was clear from the start that Kelly would be much more.

Kelly Brook is one of England's best-known models, who is regularly included in the Top 10 of most men's magazines' "Sexiest Women" polls.

Her talent can be traced back to when she attended the prestigious Italia Conte stage school, where Naomi Campbell and Louise Nurding also studied. After three years of training in dance, singing and acting, Kelly was ready to start her career

Kelly Brook's mom entered her in a beauty contest, which of course Kelly won, and this led to her interest in modeling. After some small modeling jobs at local firms, including the flooring company KMS, Kelly Brook was gracing the cover of GQ, FHM, Sky, Cosmopolitan, Tatler, The Face, and Company by the age of 16.

Her gorgeous physique also slipped into Lee Jeans as part of its advertising campaign, and she was known for playing the game show hostess "Nicky with the Ticky" for a Sure deodorant TV ad. She was finally making a larger 
salary as compared to her waitressing job at a tea shop.